Anamika Chatterjee Title

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Department of Biology, Realfagbygget, 7034, Gløshaugen, Trondheim

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Campus Dragvoll, Trondheim



Who I am and what I do


I did my Bachelors and Masters of Technology in Biotechnology with a focus on plant tissue culture and plant genomics. Following this, I interned in Novozymes, an enzymes development company and also worked in healthcare market research for a year. However, my interest in the ethics of biological research directed me towards the Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics in 2015. During this course I was introduced to the prevailing issues of biomedical ethics and developed a curiosity in the dual use and/or misuse of technology. I am now pursuing my PhD in the ethical and societal aspects of a gene regulation knowledge commons, using RRI strategies.


Education: Masters of Technology in Biotechnology 


NTNU Health DrugLogics – My research focusses on identifying the ethical dilemmas arising from the practices of adding and extracting from the Knowledge Commons; understanding how these ethical issues could effect its sustainability, eventually resulting in a Tragedy – of the Commons or the Anticommons; and studying the impact a responsible and effective governance structure can have on addressing such dilemmas and hence, ensuring a sustainable and robust system for knowledge management.


Dealing with different conceptions of pollution in the Gene Regulation Knowledge Commons

A Chatterjee, T Swierstra, M Kuiper (20219.
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 194779