John Zobolas PhD Student

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Department of Biology

Realfagbygget, DU2-185, Gløshaugen

Research description Software implementations allowing new approaches toward data analysis, modeling and integration / Curation of biological knowledge for Systems Medicine

I am currently enrolled in the PhD programme in Medical Technology, while being a member of the multidisciplinary DrugLogics group in the department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine (St. Olav’s University Hospital). I have a mixed mathematics, computer science and software engineering background. My interests include:

  • Modeling of molecular networks and cancer cell systems
  • The study of mathematical models that describe drug synergies 
  • Understanding the underlying mechanisms of synergistic drug combinations
  • Reproducible research, data analysis and visualization with R
  • Research software engineering


Education: M.Eng in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSc in Computer Science.


CausalTAB: the PSI-MITAB 2.8 updated format for signalling data representation and dissemination.  Livia Perfetto, Marcio Luis Acencio, Glyn Bradley, Gianni Cesareni, Noemi del Toro, David Fazekas, Henning Hermjakob, Tamas Korcsmaros, Martin Kuiper, Astrid Lægreid, Prisca Lo Surdo, Ruth C. Lovering, Sandra Orchard, Pablo Porras, Paul Thomas, Vasundra Touré, John Zobolas, Luana Licata. Bioinformatics.

DrugLogics: An ensemble model analysis related to drug prediction performance. John Zobolas, Miguel Vázquez, Martin Kuiper, Åsmund Flobak. Norwegian Biochemical Society.