Vasundra Touré PhD Student

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Department of Biology

Realfagbygget, DU2-185, Gløshaugen

Research description Knowledge management and data extraction of causal statements

My research topic aims at formalizing the knowledge provided by molecular causal statements: a biological source entity that influences the activity or the quantity of a biological target entity, under certain conditions and a specific context. Causal statements are commonly used for modeling purposes, which implies that ideally their representation should be unified across resources for an easy data integration. It is therefore important to have guidelines indicating how to represent a causal statement and which metadata should be provided for a usable statement.  My project focuses on the development of the Minimum Information about a Molecular Interaction Causal Statement (MI2CAST) guidelines that provides a checklist of information to be annotated when generating a causal statement. Following this formal representation, I am also building software pipelines to extract annotated causal statements from a variety of prior-knowledge resources. Furthermore, our group is developing a curation interface to facilitate the building of causal statements for curators and data providers with a template-based approach, conform to the concepts of MI2CAST.

keywords: causal statement, curation guidelines, curation interface, data extraction, knowledge management, systems biology.


Education: MSc in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, BSc in Life Sciences.

Research: PhD student at NTNU (2017-current), Scientific Staff member at University of Rostock (2015-2017).


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